Your Staff

We have an award-winning teaching and administrative staff, including:

 Bryan Bowers

– 1993 Charter Member of the Autoharp Hall of Fame.  Presents instrumental virtuosity combined with warmth, eloquence, expression and professionalism.

“Bryan was very patient and clear in his presentations, as well as entertaining in his class. I made a tremendous amount of progress in my playing and had a great time.”


Cathy Britell

– 2005 International Autoharp Champion, 2012   Autoharp Hall of Fame.  Author of popular beginners’ book and superb, warm, and encouraging teacher. 

“I really enjoyed Cathy’s great teaching and gentle spirit—she explained everything so thoroughly that even a beginner like me could follow along easily!

Karen Mueller

– 1986 International Autoharp Champion, 2006 Autoharp Hall of Fame and 2012-13 McKnight   Fellowship.  A true multi-instrumental virtuoso, an empowering and effective teacher and a stunning performer.

“Karen has defined the sort of sound I would like to get from the autoharp. She is a magnificent teacher.”


Tom Schroeder

-International Autoharp Champion in 1985 and 1993, and 2017 inductee into the Autoharp Hall of Fame, Tom has a highly creative approach to the autoharp and has been a leader in taking autoharp music in new directions. His sensitivity,  kindness, and great sense of humor make him a favorite teacher at all levels.

Jon Britell 

Your executive director, tour leader, problem-solver, hat aficionado, jack-of-all-trades.   Send him an email at and he’ll answer your questions.